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EZ Menu

Your 1st on-demand digital Menu and Product Catalogue Solutions. How to save thousand dollars of printing cost a year when products keep changing? Not available off business hour and holiday for business? Now customers can find and visit you 24 hour x 7 days. Everything is on demond, on the move in your hand  with most effortable cost. It’s upgradable to supporting your business growing.

产品日新月异,如何每年节省过千元的印刷成本? 下班后和节假日没人接待顾客? 现在客户可以 24 小时 x 7 天找到您。一切随心所欲,尽在掌握,成本极低。可升级,以持续支持您的生意增长。
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EZ e-Commerce

Business is always needing transform to become more attractive, competitive, and highly automated. A powerful All-in-1 (Web, Online Store, CRM, INV, POS, B2B) retails solution may help you to build-up reputation and branding of your business, automated complex sales and operation process now, by saving manpower and time cost, minimize human error at the same time.

生意需要转型以变得更具吸引力、竞争力和高度自动化? 一个强大的高度自动化的网上商店解决方案可以帮助您建立良好的品牌声誉和企业形象,提高客户信心水平,产生潜在客户的兴趣等等。 节省人力成本,同时减少人为错误,何乐而不为呢?
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EZ MarketPlace

Are you admired to Amazon and Alibaba business model? If you are operating various multimedia social  platforms and have a large customer base and merchants, now you can have your own running platform like Amazon and Alibaba, allowing your valued customer base to work togther by joinning your platform to offering their products and Services.

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EZ Digital FoodCourt

Dear food court owners, besides collecting rent, what else can you do to increase your income? How to get more food stalls to join your food court and what is your selling point? Have you found some of your food stalls have begun to take orders and sell their food on other platforms such as Grab Food, Food Panda, etc.? If you can provide an online ordering platform for your food stalls, you can help your stalls get more delivery orders, the sahring of commision will become yours now instead of giving to any others. Digitalize your food court now and turn it into a Advanced Food Court Marketplace, attract your which more order channel for dine-in, driver through and delivery. The high visit and traffic of your digital food court may attract internal or externl merchants to advertising inside too.

美食广场的老板们,现在除了收租金,还能怎样增加你的收入?让更加多美食摊位加入你的美食广场?你是否发现你的一些美食摊位以及开始在其他平台比如 Grab Food, Food Panda 等等的地方开始接单贩卖美食?如果你也能提供一个网上下单平台给你的美食摊位,那么不单止你可以帮助到你的这些摊位多了很多外送的订单,这些订单的分成就变成你的而不是给了 Grab Food 等等的其他平台。数码化你的美食广场,变成一个 Digital Food Court Marketplac,除了更加漂亮吸引客人,还能吸引很多商家在你的数码美食广场刊登广告,增加多一项收入。
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EZ Residencial Community

There are more than 25,000 high-rise buildings in the KlangValley alone. These high-rise buildings may have comprehensive property management, but lack of residents communities and communication covering. Have you ever thought that if there is a community system which you can get important property notices, government notices, lost and found adn etc. info? This system  allows you to booking public community space such as basketball courts, swimming pools, gyms room and many more? At the same time, you can rent out extra parking spaces or room? More than that, you can find tutors in the same building for your child, school bus service, plumber service, lock smith service and many more? Or Sell your used furniture and appliances to other resident? Scan the QR to login to your building now to start searching and offering.

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Right Place Living

Property is part of living but living is not only part of property but more involving. A brand new Properties commercial hub, you will found useful services such as bank montage, conveyancing before purchase properties, and after purchased you may look for services such as interior design, renovation, smart home, lighting, furnitures, security and more here at Right Place.

这些所有的产业,服务和商品,就在这个对的地方: Right Place.
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Good Day Fellows,

We’re open for
Solutions Reseller Partner recruitment now

We’re currently open to Solutions Reseller Partner now for Perak, Negeri Sembilan and Melaka recruitment.

If you’re running computer hardware, software, techinical support, accounting, Point-of-Sales solutions reseller business, and interest to carry our e-commerce solutions brand above, it’s just about time now.

Once your application is accepted, your may entitle to get 2 licenses (EZ e-Commerce Smart Edition License x1 and Point-of-Sales License x1), Pre-Sales Training, Operation Training, and Technical Support Training with special partner kickstart price (Limited time only).

From there, you may get know how powerful features it’s but user friendly at the same time of our solutions, to fullfill your customer enquiry & requirement, plus very short turn-on period compare to others, ofcourse the attractive profit margin as well.


如果您经营的是电脑硬件、软件、技术支援、会计系统、Poin-Of-Sales 经销商业务,同时很多你们的客户也有兴趣了解和建立电子商务解决方案 Website, Landing Page, Online Store, Marketplace 系统,现在正是时候了。

一旦您的申请被接受,您将以特殊加盟价格(限时)获得2个 License(EZ电子商务 Smart Edition License x1 和 POS License x1)、售前销售培训、操作培训和技术支援培训。

从那里,您可能会了解我们的解决方案在满足您的客户要求的同时,具有强大的功能但是又容易使用的特性,加上与其他公司相比更加短的完成期,当然还有让你满意的 Profit Margin 回报。

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